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    Vita & Virginia // Inspiration Styled Shoot.

    The concept of love is something universal. The people we choose to love and create memories with, do not understand borders, forms and social conventions. Love is love. 

    Fondo Special Occasions underlines how the choices and manifestations of love can be elegant, beautiful and memorable. This editorial photoshoot takes inspiration from the love story of two historic women, Virginia Woolf and her lover Vita Sackville-West. The whole set up and art direction, has a vintage feeling, a ghostlike aesthetic, it’s an ode to the romantic past with a modern twist.

     The beautiful building, constructed in 1919, is the best backdrop for an exceptionally realized love and marriage story. The neutral color pallets, with shades of beige, off whites and greys, accentuate the down to earth, simple yet elegant aesthetics of the event.

    True to the spirit of this historic love story, the invitations use the lunaria flower on weathered paper, a reference to the love letters the two women sent to each other for years, to create a romantic, almost ritualistic tone for all the wedding guests.

    Natural materials like ceramic vases and plates set the table, with linen cloths, crystal glasses and pure white candles complimenting and completing the whole concept and mindset of everything elegant, beautiful and naturalistic. 

    Beautiful branches, a reference to the “still life” artform, the shocking white lunaria flower and the majestic pampas grass, compose the flower arrangements that decorate the eventful evening. Lunaria and the scene-stealing berenklauw, an oversized dandelion, were chosen for the bridal bouquets.

    The two beautiful brides, wear flowing aethereal chiffon and silk gowns that show the natural curves of the appealing female physique, highlighting the charming and seductive nature of women, which is celebrated in this specific wedding.

    An event that underlines love and the intertwining of femininity, elegance and naturalism.

    “Love, the poet said, is woman's whole existence”

    – Virginia Woolf, Orlando

    “Her eyes are pure stars, and her fingers, if they touch you, freeze you to the bone”

    – Virginia Woolf, Orlando